Valemount Passivhus (Passive House in Swedish), Valemount, BC

PH Cert Classic 2x2.jpg

Status:  Unconditional Occupancy

“This was the easiest project I’ve ever certified”- Tad Everhart, PHI-accredited Certifier, CertiPHIers and Owner, Tad Everhart Energy Advisor LLC, Portland Oregon.

Siu Architecture Inc. delivered the architectural schematic design for this Passivhaus Institut certified Passive House Classic under the lead of Erik Olofsson Construction and in colloboration with Collective Carpentry and Kim Walton CPHC, Bow Crow Design.  Tad Everhart CPHC, CertiPHIers Cooperative acted as the third party certifier.  Photo and video credits:  Andru McCracken (Owner), Erik Oloffson and Rane Wardwell (Collective Carpentry).